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South Dakota Post Office Hours

Search all post office hours and locations in the state of South Dakota. Find a South Dakota post office in your area and check out the most convenient time it is open. Map the location your looking for in our easy to use locator. Below is the statewide list of South Dakota offices.

Post Office Address City Phone Details
Delmont Post Office
109 W Main St Delmont SD 57330
Delmont(605) 779-2811
Dimock Post Office
501 S Main St Dimock SD 57331
Dimock(605) 928-3831
Doland Post Office
226 Humphrey Dr N Doland SD 57436
Doland(605) 635-6921
Draper Post Office
147 S Main St Draper SD 57531
Draper(605) 669-2822
Dupree Post Office
100 S Main St Dupree SD 57623
Dupree(605) 365-5110
Eagle Butte Post Office
121 Main St Eagle Butte SD 57625
Eagle Butte(605) 964-6633
Eden Post Office
108 S 3rd St Eden SD 57232
Eden(605) 486-4160
Edgemont Post Office
519 2nd Ave Edgemont SD 57735
Edgemont(605) 662-7571
Elk Point Post Office
123 W Main St Elk Point SD 57025
Elk Point(605) 356-2402
Elkton Post Office
207 Elk St Elkton SD 57026
Elkton(605) 542-7401
Emery Post Office
124 N 3rd St Emery SD 57332
Emery(605) 449-4323
Enning Post Office
17500 Highway 34 Enning SD 57737
Enning(605) 985-5305
Estelline Post Office
108 Main St N Estelline SD 57234
Estelline(605) 873-2433
Ethan Post Office
102 W Main St Ethan SD 57334
Ethan(605) 227-4343
Eureka Post Office
709 G Ave Eureka SD 57437
Eureka(605) 284-2301
Fairburn Post Office
120 Oak St Fairburn SD 57738
Fairburn(605) 255-4051
Fairfax Post Office
412 Main St Fairfax SD 57335
Fairfax(605) 654-2243
Fairview Post Office
320 Lincoln Ave Fairview SD 57027
Fairview(605) 987-4311
Faith Post Office
114 Main St Faith SD 57626
Faith(605) 967-2482
Faulkton Post Office
115 8th Ave S Faulkton SD 57438
Faulkton(605) 598-4366